What is OMM? Hanging with a Guru


You may have heard of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), where a wide range of treatments are used such as herbal teas, massage, acupuncture, massages, and the like. Today, let’s talk about Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, or OMM. And what better way to introduce this topic than sitting down with Dr. Alex King, D. O.

Dr. King breaks down the definition of OMM for us. Put simply, it takes a hands-on approach to medicine. The physician is going to touch and feel, but with a purpose. The goal is to make the patient feel better, first and foremost. So, how do we do this using this ‘touchy, feely’ approach? Well, similar to a chiropractor shifting all of your parts into place, OMM looks to align everything. This may be bone, tissues, ligaments, muscles…all of these parts are working together to maximize your body’s output. If they get out of place, you feel pain, weakness, and struggle to reach that optimal output. OMM is a practice of putting all of these moving parts back into place.

So, is Dr. King just a glorified chiropractor? ….. NO!

The critical difference between Manipulative Medicine and the more common Chiropractor is the training and education. A chiropractor is not required to attend Medical School. Whereas Dr. King had his choice of areas of medicine, he chose OMM to best-serve the patient. With respect to the Chiropractor, he or she is going to get to crackin,’ working that back as a means of taking away the pain. As Dr. King explains, the comprehensive medical training and education is vital. A D.O. will look at your medical history, your medications, and take a comprehensive approach to make sure this is going to be helpful. The hands-on approach by an OMM is not just back-crackin,’ but a widespread approach to medicine.

For more on this topic and the full conversation with Dr. Alex King, check out this video and more videos.



Image is by Artist John McPherson: https://www.cartoonstock.com/directory/c/chiropractor.asp