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  • Living Your Most Magical Life, With Kasey Mathews
    Raise your hand if you would describe your life as “fine”.    Keep it up there if you want to stop describing your life as just “fine”.    If your hand is still raised, it’s time for you to meet the woman who can help you change your life, Kasey Mathews.    In this busy […]
    Lewis Schenk
  • Jeenha Huh—Paying It Forward With the Launch of Red Sentinel Ventures, Inc.
    There’s not a lot Jeenha Huh, founder and CEO of Red Sentinel Ventures, Inc., can’t do. A single mother of two girls living in Los Angeles, Huh had a mission—raise her girls to be strong, independent, and fearless in a big world that wouldn’t be kind to them.   Making her way into that brutal […]
    Marcy Bialeschki
  • Matt Abbott’s Recruiting Secrets
    During the pandemic, the job market became more competitive and harder to navigate for both recruiters and candidates. With some industries shut down and others on the rise, the tables turned when it came to searching for the right position. Other factors changed the job market such as remote work options and the rise of […]
    Shania Smith
  • Rachel Pedersen: How the Queen of Social Media Earned Her Crown
    Organic social media growth guru, Rachel Pedersen, learned the ins and outs of social media through tough times. As an unexpected single mother in her early 20s, Rachel found herself trying to find direction. On welfare and food stamps, she gained resourcefulness in her surroundings.   “I eventually learned that after my daughter’s bedtime, the […]
    Ian Monroe
  • Get to Know Greater Heights Creative: The Multifaceted Creative Agency Using Artistry to Fuel Engagement
    If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that artistic content creators possess boundless potential. Whether it’s a 14-year-old TikTok creator, a millennial YouTuber, or a seasoned performer, this era of social media paired with intergenerational creatives is revolutionizing the way brands strategize, plan, and execute campaigns.   Creative agency Greater Heights Creative is […]
    Ian Monroe
  • Sasha Canady: The Marketing Expert to Serve All People
    In 2014, Sasha Canady graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication with a minor in Journalism, not realizing she would one day change the world of marketing. Seven years after graduation, Canady is the marketing expert to serve all people with her innovative marketing strategy. She took marketing to […]
    Lara Rosales
  • Blumenthal Impressing in the SEM Business and, Most Importantly, Impressing Himself
    Drew Blumenthal isn’t being cocky or conceited when he brazenly says, “I’m very impressed with myself and what I’ve been able to do at such a young age.” Instead, what this laser-focused digital advertising specialist is doing is sticking to a couple of core values that have helped him go so far professionally in such […]
    Ian Monroe
  • Business In Space: How Tourism and Other Markets Are Joining the New Space Race
    Nearly 50 years ago, humanity stood in solidarity with one another as we watched Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin take their first steps on the surface of the moon. The moment set a new precedent for our future – one of hope and possibility for overcoming what, until then, had been deemed impossible. In the […]
    Ian Monroe
  • Kristen Edwards Is on a Mission To Help Women Double Their Income
    Creating a business strategy for oneself can be so difficult to start, especially as a woman with industry expectations against us. Kristen Edwards has been there and done that with regard to starting a business and is now using her expertise to help other women maximise their income as a business strategy coach. Edwards is […]
    Lewis Schenk
  • Olyasha Novozhylova: The NotBasicBlonde Strives to Make Being Different the Norm
    In slang, basic refers to someone or something unoriginal and mainstream, with no ‘stand-out’ characteristics. You know the term, ‘Basic Bitch.’ For some, that label might offer a sense of relief, validating that they fit in. But Blogger, Model, Podcast Host, and Author Olyasha Novozhylova wouldn’t be caught dead following the herd. And this is […]
    Marcy Bialeschki

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