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  • Serial Entrepreneur Nick Bey’s Diverse Passions Span From Technology to Health and Wellness — But It’s All Just About Helping People
    Everyone needs to be passionate about something. Nick Bey, a computer programmer, turned serial entrepreneur, would disagree. He would profess that everyone should be passionate about many things. These days, Bey is promoting Bey Moss — his newest venture with wife Charmaine.  The Bey Moss brand is a dried and prepared purple moss superfood the […]
    Ian Monroe
  • Kempii has Released Maybe the Planet’s Healthiest Toothbrush
    Kempii has released maybe the planet’s healthiest toothbrush using Bambuplast, a safe, green material and bamboo alternative. Why use this over bamboo toothbrushes? The reason is simple, as the bamboo toothbrush may encourage the growth of mold faster than their plastic counterparts. By brushing your teeth with a moldy toothbrush, mycotoxins, which are produced by the mold may enter […]
    Ian Monroe
  • This former Tesla CIO just raised $150 million more to pull automobile dealerships into the 21st century
    “I have to choose my words carefully,” says Joe Castelino of Stevens Creek Volkswagen in San Jose, California, when asked about the management software on which most car dealerships rely for inventory information, marketing, customer relationships and more. Castelino, the dealership’s service director, laughs as he says this. The post This former Tesla CIO just […]
    Jay Feldman
  • Why Every Small Business Needs Ageras Matchmaking Services
    One of the best moves a small business can make is hiring an accountant or bookkeeper. Many founders of fledgling companies don’t feel like they can afford this service, thinking they can cut costs and do this work themselves. Rico Andersen, CEO, and Mikkel Jensen, US Director of Ageras, a service that helps businesses find […]
    Ian Monroe
  • Tesla is a chain of startups, Elon Musk describes
    Today during a call with investors and journalists, Tesla CEO Elon Musk was asked to expand a tweet from yesterday. In it, he stated: “Tesla should really be thought of as roughly a dozen technology startups, many of which have little to no correlation with traditional automotive companies.” In short, he explained there are over […]
    Jay Feldman
  • Tech Is Transforming People Analytics. Is That a Good Thing?
    Illustration by Shani Pleasants A century ago, Frederick Taylor’s Scientific Management laid the foundations for modern HR. His central premise was that organizations should turn their workplaces into real-world psychology labs, measuring and monitoring employees’ every move in order to boost their performance and reduce their stress levels. The post Tech Is Transforming People Analytics. […]
    Jay Feldman
  • Market wizard Jim Rogers started trading with $600 and now has a reported net worth of $300 million. He shares the 8 trading rules that ensured his success.
    Jim Rogers — a legendary trader profiled in Jack Schwager's classic "Market Wizards" series and the chairman of Rogers Holdings — started trading in 1968 with just $600. Rogers misinterpreted his initial success in markets for skill. Shortly thereafter, he experienced a big loss.  Today Rogers' net worth is estimated around $300 million, according to […]
    Jay Feldman
  • After historical OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample collection, Lockheed Martin VP Lisa Callahan will join us at TC Sessions: Area
    This December 16 and 17, we’re hosting our very first TC Sessions: Space event. It’ll be a virtual, live-streamed two-day show, including conversations with some of the best and brightest in the space industry. We’re thrilled to be hosting Lisa Callahan, vice president and general manager of Commercial Civil Space at Lockheed Martin. The post […]
    Jay Feldman
  • Finding Mindfulness During October’s Emotional Awareness Month with Felipe Muñoz
    With October being Emotional Awareness Month, we wanted to turn to the experts for advice with meditation and lifestyle coach Felipe Munoz. Munoz is an internationally certified meditation teacher and life coach and strives to help others achieve the best possible version of themselves through his family-owned wellness center Empathic Practice. Located in Pensacola, Florida, […]
    Ian Monroe
  • Disney UX teardown: Wins, fails and repairs
    Disney announced earlier this month that it’s going all-in on streaming media. As part of this new strategy, the company is undergoing a major reorganization of its media and entertainment business that will focus on developing productions that will debut on its streaming and broadcast services. This will include combining the business's media companies, advertisements […]
    Jay Feldman